In Memoriam

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dear JingWen,
So sad to see you leaving us here.
Due to reasons we couldn't really accept.
Be jolly in AJC !
And don't forget us, PAE 08S41 !

Dear Roger,
At least you made it to the JTS today.
And I'm so sorry that I left early
and didn't accompany you to the PP.
But be happy too in TPJC !

Dear WanEr,
MJC is goooood.
So fret not !
And MJC food stalls are good too.
Hope that you are happy in MJC !

Dear Bobby,
you are out of the class already,
so stop blogging/tagging on 08S41 blog aimlessly.
And be contented with your 08S56.

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