Subject Reps

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Here's an update on the subject reps.

Physics: Christopher
Math: Elroy
Chem: Chun
Geog: Kenny
GP: Eloise
KI: Ernest
Econs: Ernest
Computing: Ernest
Chinese: Sherman

Ernest wins the most proactive student award.

Note to Econs rep, please go to the photocopy shop and get lecture notes for the whole class before the next lecture.

Is this some kind of joke? haha.

I perhaps am the most out of place student in VJC. I'm a PCpME KI student in a PCMG class. Its like being spongebob in a 007 bond movie. So out of place. Up to now, there might be some who are lost in my inarticulate sense of humor, not really cos you are mesmerized by it, but cause you just ain't getting the link. Well, ok, admit it, you are mesmerized.

Get used to it, this is my bloggin style, you can check out my blog. As you might have noticed as well, I am a hardcore sales executive using any and every opportunity to advertise my blog.

You know what? We need a class cheer, not the stupid one I created after 3 minutes of deep deliberation. Post your suggestions under comments can? I don't like tag boards.

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