Monday, February 18, 2008

Yo everyone!

I've added the links already. Thanks to Pu En for compiling the list. Those whose links are wrong or not up yet, you can either change/add it yourself or tag at the tagboard then wait for any kind soul to help you change/add.

The tagboard is now very long. Awaiting tags. Please do not spam, especially the naughty people like Bobby and Boon Yi. The tagboard is very long but I may make it longer sooner haha. So cool!

Ernest has sent everyone an invitation to contribute onto this blog, so do check your mailboxes. There is no main account because I'm too lazy to create one, but I guess we can all make do lah right? If you dun have a blogger account, creating one is very fast! Oh if you did not receive an invitation for some reason, you can tag and wait for any kind soul to send you again.

Pu En thinks the template is plain. Furthermore the template is put up by Ernest so it shouldn't be of good quality anyway. So is there anyone willing to help find a nicer template?

Finally, happy JAE posting results day. Hope to see all of you all on this coming Friday! Everyone needs O2 but they don't need to go VJ just for that.

- Sherman

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