Thursday, July 10, 2008

On 4 July 2008, class 08s41 embarked on a journey of planning and implementing a day project, which was in actuality given weeks to prepare for.

In honorable service to the nation, thereby creating confidence in Singapore's future, thereby fulfilling our first project task, our class chose to spend time to enrich the artistic skills of our nation's future. Which happens to be at Ruth's and Puen's ex-childcare.

Of course we shared the country's passion for building up our nations sporting hopes by identifying and developing our nation's future's sporting talents. Said one of our classmates, Ernest Puey:

"I believe that we made Leo buy a ball for nothing..."
Another one of our classmates, Christopher Wong (Who was not around during the interview) said:
"Yes, indeed... We enjoyed ourselves greatly through this experience... How I wished I could have been there too.."
Said the teacher-in-charge of the event at the debrief:
"Are you sure you all have nothing to comment about?.."

This has proved to be a remarkable showcase of quick thinking, acting like you know whats going on, and making a bunch of hyper kids more hyper. Another mystical, magical success our class pulled off. Beat that, David Blaine.

The most important picture.

Jun Yuan.

Hmm... So where's the 3rd kid?

And so I took great care of him. I mean, lets just say the stapler thing was an isolated incident. At least he did not hit his head against the wall.


President so scary.

Chickens can run.

And what you see in my hands are not just balls, they are ROUND balls.... Understand?

And Dai Fei tops the pyramid.

You see the kid who looks like Poline? Next to my kid. Who is the fat one at the bottom right that looks curiously like me, and hit his head against the wall.

"Children are the most desirable opponents at scrabble as they are both easy to beat and fun to cheat..."

- Fran Lebowitz, on children

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