Be Good And Eat Your Ice Cream

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hi Everyone,
this is to inform you that you will only be officially dismissed at 12.30 pm tomorrow (Friday).
I've just been told that the S Cube (Survival, Security, Success) Seminar will be held tomorrow (11.00 - 12.30pm) for all JC1s and CTs. This Seminar is organised by the Ministry of Defence, and focuses on the Singapore Armed Forces, and its role and function as an effective deterrent to would-be aggressors. The session will kick off with forum theatre, followed by a Q&A with a Lieut-Colonel who happens to be a Victorian.

Farewell Assembly will end at 10 am, so the starting time at 11am should give you an hour to slurp your ice-creams. (yes, the SCs have arranged for ice cream treats for you guys, so this is an incentive for you to come OK. again...i hate to plant *this* thought in your head, but i trust that you guys are all good VJC kids, right?)
So, perhaps within the one hour break, you can come and see me regarding your WR draft? And hopefully you guys should still be in time for your class outing activities, OK.
~miss ng.



Be good and give me your ice cream if you don't eat.

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