It Was Done

Thursday, October 30, 2008

The examiner walked down the row. Piece by piece each answer booklet was picked as if to say, 'chop, game over'. So near yet so far. Yet as each table the examiner passed, the seeming shelter of the temporized bivouac which darkness filled, allowed cracks of light through.

Finally he came, or she, he couldn't tell. The sheer speed at which he/she/it passed at only allowed a glimpse so short that you might mistake he/she/it for Lai.

It passed through, paper gone, label lost, IC kept, pens boxed. He knew it was over. It so was.

In that moment of internal melee, one saying stand up and shout, the other saying stand up and cry. He sat back, embraced the moment, breathed the air. There is no more, so at least he hopes.

Out of the back of the hall rang the usual VS boy whistle-after-chinese-while-people-are-still-counting whistle. He knew he was home. And he knew he did Tan Chin Boon proud.

"Say it.... just say it...." he said as the undulated heart beat quickened and exploded in disconcert.

"Chill..." Says this blue IC holder.

It strolled towards the mic. It was coming. It so was.

He throws his arms up in jubilation. An explosive shout of "好" came to his right ear. It seemed so surreal.

It was done.

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